Many ladies discover a change of their butt’s look after giving beginning.

This phenomenon, also known as “mother butt,” is frequent, but it’s a reason behind insecurity for a lot of moms. 

On this article, you’ll study what mother butt is, why it happens, and the most effective glute workouts and exercise to construct sturdy glutes and do away with mother butt for good.

What Is “Mother Butt?”

The phrases “mother butt,” “flat butt,” or “pancake butt” discuss with the post-pregnancy change in a girl’s butt, the place the glutes appear flatter or droopier than earlier than.

Why Is My Butt So Flat?

1. Breastfeeding

When producing milk, your physique uses fats reserves, primarily from the butt and thighs. Because the fats on this space modifications form, your butt can seem smaller and flatter.

2. Inactivity

Being pregnant and the interval after could be overwhelming, making common train a problem. Being much less energetic may cause the glute muscle tissues to atrophy (shrink), making your butt seem much less pert.

3. Posture

Many moms subtly change their posture by “tucking” their tailbone below their our bodies to make carrying their child simpler. Commonly adopting this posture could make it a behavior, giving your butt a flatter look.

Does Sitting Result in “Flat Butt Syndrome”?

Some “consultants” declare dwelling a sedentary way of life can result in a situation known as “dormant butt syndrome” (generally known as “flat butt syndrome”) during which your physique turns into much less adept at utilizing the glutes, inflicting them to wither over time. 

There are causes to deal with this concept with warning, although.

First, the one evidence that extended sitting hinders glute operate is anecdotal. 

Second, it assumes that your glutes develop into much less responsive as a result of extreme sitting shortens your hip flexors (the muscle tissues on the entrance of your hips), inhibiting your glutes’ capacity to contract. Nonetheless, research in this space is inconclusive, making it unimaginable to attract agency conclusions about how hip flexor size and pelvic positioning have an effect on glute activation.

And third, research exhibits that being utterly inactive for an prolonged time doesn’t inhibit your capacity to make use of your glutes.

Thus, whereas inactivity can play a task within the growth of a pancake butt (due to muscle loss), saying that sitting flattens your butt is inaccurate. 

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The best way to Get Rid of a Flat Butt


Constructing muscle mass, particularly within the gluteal area, is significant for eliminating mother butt. And the best option to construct muscle is power coaching.

Purpose for 3 glute-focused power coaching exercises weekly to “shock” your glutes into rising.

Whereas these “flat-butt exercises” will goal your glutes greater than different muscle teams, they’ll additionally embody workouts that prepare the remainder of your physique that can assist you keep away from muscle and power imbalances (extra on the specifics quickly).


To reinforce the butt-lifting advantages of power coaching, you want to observe a food plan that drives muscle development. Precisely how this seems relies on your earlier power coaching expertise: 

In each eventualities, you additionally have to eat the correct amount of protein, carbs, and fats. Listed below are some good tips:

  • Eat 1 gram of protein per pound of physique weight per day.
  • Get 20-to-30% of day by day energy from fats.
  • Get the rest of your energy from carbs.

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Whereas there’s no “excellent posture,” “stacking” your shoulders, hips, and knees is probably going higher for minimizing mother butt.

Make it a routine to watch your posture whereas doing day by day actions. For instance, whereas carrying your youngster, take into consideration sustaining a impartial backbone reasonably than tucking your butt below your physique. 

Additionally, keep away from overcompensating by pushing your chest out and rotating the entrance of your pelvis towards the ground (“anterior pelvic tilt”).

Whereas this may occasionally intensify your glutes, habitually adopting this posture could make performing workouts that assist construct butt muscle more difficult—one thing you’ll need to keep away from to do away with your flat butt long run. 

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The ten Finest Flat Butt Workout routines

The next flat butt workouts will make it easier to acquire butt muscle and power and banish mother butt for good. 

1. Squat

flat butt

2. Deadlift

mom butt

Mannequin: Rachael Becker

3. Single-Leg Hip Thrust

pancake butt

4. Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift

flat butt syndrome

5. Bulgarian Break up Squat

how to get rid of a flat butt

6. Step-up

why is my butt so flat

7. Curtsy Lunge

flat butt exercises

8. Glute Bridge

flat butt after pregnancy

9. Cable Kickback

flat butt workout

10. Resistance Band Pulsing Squat

glute muscles

The Final Flat Butt Exercise

The three-day Flat Butt Exercise Routine under will quickly remodel your mother butt, restoring a lot of its pre-pregnancy peachiness.

It’s not a balanced routine it’s best to observe for an prolonged interval. As an alternative, consider it as a specialised routine to kickstart glute development. Thus, solely observe it for 8-to-10 weeks earlier than switching to a extra well-rounded program, corresponding to my Thinner Leaner Stronger routine. 

glute exercises

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