5 Cranium Crusher Options: Efficient Arm Exercises


Are you uninterested in doing the identical outdated cranium crusher train on your triceps exercise? In that case, you’re in luck! On this article, we’ll discover 5 different workouts that may assist you goal your triceps from completely different angles and maintain your exercises recent and thrilling.

From tricep dips to shut grip bench press, there’s one thing for everybody. So let’s dive into these alternate options and uncover new methods to sculpt these triceps!

Understanding the Cranium Crusher Train

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Earlier than we leap into the alternate options, let’s briefly focus on the skull crusher exercise. This in style train primarily targets the triceps and is carried out by mendacity flat on a bench and increasing the arms straight up with a barbell or dumbbells. The motion entails bending the elbows, decreasing the load in direction of the brow, after which extending the arms again up.

The Mechanics of the Cranium Crusher

A person doing a dumbbell skull crushers for shoulder and elbow joints for no more wrist pain as a bodyweight exercises with no cable machine

The cranium crusher train primarily focuses on the lengthy head of the triceps muscle. By initiating the motion from a stretched place, you have interaction the muscle fibers of medial head extra successfully, resulting in improved strength and muscle growth.

When performing cranium crushers, you will need to preserve correct type and method. Conserving your elbows tucked in and near your head all through the motion ensures that the triceps are the first muscles being worked. This additionally helps to reduce pressure on the elbows and wrists.

As you decrease the load in direction of your brow, it’s essential to regulate the descent and keep away from any sudden or jerky actions. This not solely helps to stop damage but in addition maximizes the engagement of the triceps muscle mass.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Cranium Crushers

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Whereas the cranium crusher train is useful for constructing tricep power and dimension, it might not be appropriate for everybody. Some people discover the motion uncomfortable or expertise joint ache. Moreover, overloading the train with heavy weights could put extreme stress on the elbows.

Nonetheless, when carried out appropriately and with an applicable weight, cranium crushers could be an efficient train for focusing on the triceps. They assist to isolate the muscle group and promote muscle hypertrophy, resulting in elevated arm power and definition.

Moreover, cranium crushers could be simply modified to swimsuit particular person wants and preferences. Variations resembling utilizing an EZ bar or performing the exercise on an incline bench can present completely different angles, vary of movement and resistance, difficult the triceps in distinctive methods.

Now that we’ve lined the fundamentals of the cranium crusher train, let’s discover the alternate options that may give your triceps a difficult exercise whereas providing a refreshing change of tempo.

Different workouts resembling tricep dips, close-grip bench press, and overhead tricep extensions can present a unique stimulus to the triceps muscle mass, serving to to stop plateaus and maintain your exercises fascinating.

Tricep dips are a bodyweight exercise that targets the triceps, chest, and shoulders. By utilizing your individual physique weight as resistance, you may successfully strengthen and tone your triceps with out the necessity for any tools.

The close-grip bench press, alternatively, is a compound train that primarily targets the triceps but in addition engages the chest and shoulders. By bringing your palms nearer collectively on the barbell, you shift the emphasis from the chest to the triceps, making it an important different to the cranium crusher.

Lastly, overhead tricep extensions are one other efficient train for focusing on the triceps. By extending your arms overhead and decreasing the load behind your head, the triceps extension has you have interaction the lengthy head of the triceps and promote muscle development and power.

By incorporating these different workouts into your tricep exercise routine, you may add selection and problem your muscle mass in several methods. Keep in mind to at all times take heed to your physique and select the tricep workouts that really feel snug and secure for you.

Different 1: Tricep Dips

A person doing a skull crusher alternative, skull crusher alternatives, or excellent skull crusher alternative known as the three tricep heads or tricep extension with no cable machine similar to bench dips

Tricep dips are a superb different to the cranium crusher train as they successfully goal the triceps whereas partaking different muscle mass just like the shoulders and chest. To carry out tricep dips, you’ll want parallel bars or a sturdy bench.

Tricep dips are a compound train that primarily targets the triceps brachii, the muscle mass positioned in the back of your higher arm.

Nonetheless, in addition they have interaction different muscle mass such because the anterior deltoids within the shoulders and the pectoralis main within the chest. This makes tricep dips an important train for total upper body strength and improvement.

To carry out tricep dips, begin by gripping the bars together with your palms going through downward. Be sure that your palms are shoulder-width aside and your arms are totally prolonged. Place your legs straight in entrance of you together with your heels touching the ground.

Decrease your physique by bending your elbows till your higher arms are parallel to the ground. Hold your elbows near your physique and keep away from letting them flare out to the perimeters. As you decrease your self, give attention to partaking your triceps and feeling the stretch at the back of your arms.

Pause for a short second on the backside of the motion, then push your self again as much as the beginning place by straightening your arms. Exhale as you push up and totally lengthen your elbows. Purpose for a managed and clean motion all through the train.

When performing tricep dips, it’s necessary to take care of correct type to maximise the effectiveness of the train and reduce the danger of damage. Hold your core engaged and your again straight all through the motion. Keep away from hunching your shoulders or letting your decrease again sag.

For inexperienced persons, tricep dips could be difficult, particularly when you lack higher physique power. In that case, you may modify the train by bending your knees and putting your ft on the ground as a substitute of protecting your legs straight. This reduces the quantity of body weight you need to raise, making it simpler to carry out the train.

Then again, when you’re extra superior and on the lookout for an additional problem, you may add weight to your tricep dips by utilizing a weight belt or holding a dumbbell between your ft. This will increase the resistance and helps additional strengthen your triceps.

When incorporating tricep dips into your workout routine, purpose for 3 units of 10-12 repetitions. When you’re capable of carry out greater than 12 reps with correct type, think about including extra weight or growing the problem of the train.

Advantages of Tricep Dips

Tricep dips supply a number of advantages past simply focusing on the triceps. By partaking a number of muscle mass within the higher physique, they assist enhance total higher physique power and muscular endurance.

One of many key advantages of tricep dips is their means to reinforce shoulder stability. As you decrease and lift your physique, your shoulders must work to stabilize the motion, which will help enhance shoulder joint integrity and scale back the danger of accidents.

As well as, tricep dips promote muscular steadiness by focusing on the triceps, which are sometimes underdeveloped in comparison with the biceps. Strengthening the triceps helps create a extra balanced and aesthetically pleasing higher physique physique.

Moreover, tricep dips could be simply modified based mostly in your health degree, making them appropriate for inexperienced persons and superior exercisers alike. Whether or not you’re simply beginning out or trying to problem your self, tricep dips could be adjusted to fulfill your particular wants and targets.

As with all train, it’s necessary to take heed to your physique and keep away from pushing your self too laborious. When you expertise any ache or discomfort throughout tricep dips, cease the train and seek the advice of with a health skilled or healthcare supplier.

Different 2: Shut Grip Bench Press

A man doing a skull crusher alternative or skull crusher alternatives for triceps brachii known as the bench rolling triceps extension

One other nice different to the cranium crusher train is the close grip bench press. This compound motion targets the triceps whereas additionally working the chest and shoulders. It’s a superb train for constructing total higher physique power.

Correct Type for Shut Grip Bench Press

To carry out the shut grip bench press, lie flat on a bench together with your palms positioned barely narrower than shoulder-width aside. Decrease the bar in direction of your decrease chest, protecting your elbows near your physique. Pause briefly after which push the bar again as much as the beginning place. Purpose for 3 units of 8-10 repetitions.

Why Select Shut Grip Bench Press

The shut grip bench press provides a number of benefits. It targets the triceps extra instantly in comparison with an ordinary bench press. It additionally helps enhance tricep power, shoulder stability, and total pushing energy. When you’re on the lookout for an train that gives an important higher physique exercise, the shut grip bench press is a unbelievable selection.

When performing the shut grip bench press, it’s necessary to take care of correct type all through the train. This implies protecting your again flat in opposition to the bench and your ft firmly planted on the bottom. Interact your core muscle mass to stabilize your physique and stop any extreme arching or swinging.

As you decrease the bar in direction of your chest, give attention to protecting your elbows tucked in near your physique. This may assist goal the triceps extra successfully and scale back pressure on the shoulders. Keep away from flaring your elbows out to the perimeters, as this will put pointless stress on the shoulder joints.

When pushing the bar again as much as the beginning place, exhale and interact your triceps, chest, and shoulders to generate the mandatory drive. Preserve management all through the motion and keep away from utilizing momentum to raise the load. This may be sure that you’re successfully working the focused muscle mass and minimizing the danger of damage.

To maximise the advantages of the shut grip bench press, it’s necessary to step by step improve the load as you grow to be stronger. This progressive overload will problem your muscle mass and promote additional power features.

Nonetheless, at all times prioritize correct type and method over lifting heavy weights. It’s higher to carry out the train with lighter weights and excellent type than to make use of heavy weights with poor type.

Incorporating the shut grip bench press into your higher physique exercise routine will help you obtain well-rounded power and muscle improvement.

It enhances different compound workouts just like the bench press and push-ups, offering a complete, coaching program with stimulus for the triceps, chest, and shoulders.

Different 3: Overhead Tricep Extension

A woman not doing skull crushers but overhead tricep extension

The overhead tricep extension is an isolation train that particularly targets the triceps. It’s a unbelievable different to the cranium crusher train, because it permits you to focus solely in your triceps with out partaking different muscle teams.

Performing Overhead Tricep Extensions

To carry out the overhead tricep extension, stand or sit upright with a dumbbell or cable in a single hand. Increase the load above your head, protecting your elbow near your ear.

Slowly decrease the load behind your head by bending your arm’s size elbow, then lengthen your arm again as much as the beginning place. Purpose for 3 units of 10-12 repetitions per arm.

Benefits of Overhead Tricep Extensions

Overhead tricep extensions present a number of benefits. They aim the triceps successfully, serving to to extend muscle power and definition. This explicit train additionally improves vary of movement and adaptability within the triceps, contributing to raised total higher physique mobility.

Different 4: Diamond Push-ups

A man not doing skull crushers but diamond push-ups

Diamond push-ups are a body weight train that primarily targets the triceps, making them a superb different to the cranium crusher train. This variation provides an additional problem by narrowing the hand placement, growing the emphasis in your triceps.

The Strategy of Diamond Push-ups

To carry out diamond push-ups, begin in an ordinary push-up place. Place your palms shut collectively, forming a diamond form together with your thumbs and index fingers. Decrease your physique in direction of the bottom by bending your elbows, protecting them near your sides. Push your self again as much as the beginning place. Purpose for 3 units of 12-15 repetitions.

Diamond Push-ups and Tricep Activation

Diamond push-ups are an efficient train for focusing on the triceps and constructing higher physique power. The slender hand placement locations extra stress on the triceps whereas additionally partaking the chest and shoulders. When you’re on the lookout for a difficult body weight train to strengthen your triceps, diamond push-ups are a unbelievable selection.

Different 5: Resistance Band Tricep Kickbacks

A man doing Resistance Band Tricep Kickbacks as an alternative to barbell skull crusher with arms extended, and no flat bench

In the case of sculpting chiseled higher arms, the triceps brachii muscle, or just triceps, is a key participant. This trio of muscle mass on the again of your higher arms is answerable for extending the elbow joint, permitting you to push or straighten your arm.

When you’re trying to diversify your triceps exercise routine and add a splash of innovation, Resistance Band Tricep Kickbacks are the way in which to go. We’ll discover the ins and outs of this highly effective triceps train.

Incorporating Resistance Bands for Portability

One of many standout benefits of Resistance Band Tricep Kickbacks is their portability. Not like some triceps workouts that necessitate hefty gymnasium tools like cable machines or benches, these bands are light-weight and compact. You may carry them wherever, making your triceps exercise routine adaptable to completely different environments.

Whether or not you’re touring, at dwelling, or outdoor, your triceps train routine doesn’t have to take a backseat. Merely loop the resistance band round a sturdy anchor level – a door deal with, pole, or any steady floor will do – and also you’re able to roll. This portability issue additionally makes resistance band tricep kickbacks a unbelievable body weight train different.

Focusing on the Triceps’ Outer Head

The triceps boast three distinct heads: the lengthy head, the lateral head, and the medial head. Every of those three heads performs a novel position within the total operate of the triceps, however the outer or lateral head is especially engaged throughout resistance band tricep kickbacks.

To carry out this train, start by attaching the resistance band to a safe anchor, standing together with your ft shoulder-width aside. Grasp the band with an overhand grip, protecting shoulder extension and your higher arm stationary.

By extending your elbow, you successfully goal the outer head of your triceps, giving it an intensive exercise. This makes it a superb train for these searching for to develop the outer muscle teams of tricep, including definition and power to the higher arm.

Selecting the Proper Resistance Stage

The efficacy of any resistance band train hinges on choosing the suitable resistance degree. Choosing a band that’s too gentle will end in minimal tricep activation, whereas a band that’s excessively heavy could result in compromised type and potential wrist or elbow ache.

To find out the precise resistance degree for you, think about your present health degree and the variety of repetitions you purpose to finish.

An excellent rule of thumb is to decide on a band that permits you to carry out 10-15 repetitions with correct type. When you discover it too straightforward, transfer as much as a heavier band, and if it’s too difficult, swap to a lighter one.

Correct type is of paramount significance when performing resistance band tricep kickbacks. Hold your again straight, have interaction your core, and guarantee a full vary of movement by extending your arm till it’s totally straightened. Keep away from jerky actions or speeding by way of the train, as this will result in shoulder and elbow joint pressure.


There you might have it! 5 alternate options to the cranium crusher train that may take your triceps exercise to a complete new degree. Whether or not you select tricep dips, shut grip bench press, overhead tricep extensions, or diamond push-ups, every train provides a novel method to goal and problem your triceps.

Don’t be afraid to include these alternate options into your routine and experiment with completely different variations to maintain your exercises thrilling and efficient. Keep in mind, selection is the spice of life, even in your triceps coaching!

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