Use the Legion BMI Calculator to calculate your physique mass index (BMI). Enter your most popular unit of measurement, top, and weight, and the calculator will point out whether or not you’re a wholesome weight on your top. 

What Is BMI?

Physique mass index (BMI) is a numeric expression of the connection between top and weight.

Docs, private trainers, and different healthcare professionals generally use BMI to find out if somebody is over, beneath, or common weight.

Though not as correct or helpful as your body fat percentage or body composition, BMI provides you a basic concept of whether or not a particular person’s weight will improve their probabilities of struggling a spread of well being circumstances.

A wholesome BMI is 18.5 to 24.9. Under that is thought of a low BMI, and above it’s a excessive BMI.

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BMI Desk

Listed below are the World Well being Group’s (WHO) really helpful physique weight tips for adults based mostly on BMI values. These suggestions apply to each women and men aged 20 and above.

how to calculate bmi

BMI Chart

A BMI chart is a desk or graphic that helps you discover which weight class you belong to based mostly in your BMI.

how is bmi calculated

The Dangers of Being Obese

Being obese places you at a considerably greater threat of well being issues

Research reveals that having a excessive physique fats share will increase your threat of creating circumstances like coronary heart illness, hypertension, sort 2 diabetes, sure cancers, and stroke.

Furthermore, sustaining a wholesome weight can enhance your psychological well being. Weight problems and despair typically go hand in hand, with the emotional stress of being obese probably leading to low vanity and nervousness.

The Dangers of Being Underweight

Being underweight may be simply as detrimental to well being as being obese, although it presents a set of threat components distinct from these related to weight problems.

These can embody weakened immune operate, a better susceptibility to infections, decreased muscle mass and energy, and fertility points.

Sure physique sorts are naturally leaner, however when weight drops under a wholesome vary (a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9) for one’s physique construction, these dangers turn out to be extra prevalent.

Moreover, being considerably underweight might point out underlying well being issues, equivalent to thyroid, digestive, or consuming problems. Understanding the distinction between a naturally lean body type and being unhealthily underweight is essential for sustaining optimum well-being.

Are BMI charts correct for muscular males?

BMI calculators typically classify muscular, lean folks as “obese” as a result of BMI calculators solely account for complete physique weight and never physique composition. 

Thus, if you’re pretty lean (lower than 15% physique fats for males or 25% physique fats for ladies), don’t fear in case you’re “obese” in line with a BMI calculator—research reveals this isn’t unhealthy.

That mentioned, if a BMI chart classifies somebody as “overweight,” there’s just about no likelihood this is because of naturally excessive ranges of muscle mass. Both the particular person is carrying extra physique fats than they understand, or they’re taking steroids.

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BMI Method

Calculating your physique mass index is straightforward—you simply have to know your top and weight. 

The system is BMI = kg/m2, the place “kg” is the particular person’s weight in kilograms and “m2” is their top in meters squared.

You may calculate your BMI utilizing this system, or use the Legion BMI Calculator to reach on the similar reply (in much less time).