Is Laetrile (Amygdalin or Vitamin B17) an Efficient Various Treatment for Most cancers?


The Mayo Clinic places laetrile to the check to see whether it is an efficient most cancers therapy.

My video Does Laetrile (Amygdalin or Vitamin B17) Work as an Alternative Cancer Cure? seems at amygdalin and whether or not it is “quackery or remedy.”

A cyanide-containing compound present in apple seeds, amygdalin is ten instances extra concentrated within the seeds of peaches, apricots, and bitter almonds. It may be offered as a by-product referred to as laetrile, which has been marketed with the misnomer “vitamin B17.” “Amygdalin gained excessive recognition amongst most cancers sufferers within the Seventies” in its place therapy, however the purpose researchers printed a overview of amygdalin in 2016 and why I’m doing movies about it’s that it has “skilled a renaissance,” because of the web.

Again within the Seventies, the FDA may solely send out its Bulletin to 1,000,000 medical doctors and different well being professionals, warning them that laetrile shouldn’t be solely nugatory, however harmful. About ten thousand copies of the alert have been posted in U.S. submit workplaces, and The New York Instances editorialized that we should always be capable of select our personal placebo. However laetrile was killing folks. Lastly, because the New England Journal of Medication reported it, the “Supreme Courtroom stops the nonsense” with Justice Thurgood Marshall writing the unanimous courtroom opinion that terminally sick sufferers deserve the identical FDA protections towards unsafe medicine. Finally, laetrile was banned on a federal degree.

Rational argument failed to dissuade folks, although, so the State stepped in, however that had the other impact. “Most cancers victims and their households nearly universally reply[ed] by accusing organized authorities and arranged medication of conspiracy.” At an FDA assembly, for instance, a doctor from M.D. Anderson Most cancers Hospital rhetorically asked: “‘You absolutely can not imagine that the quarter of 1,000,000 of American physicians are sitting on a most cancers remedy simply to allow them to get wealthy?’ He was answered with a refrain of yeses from the viewers, lots of whom had been borne to the hearings on chartered buses.” Some laetrile advocates were getting wealthy, although, like the top of the “Committee for Freedom of Alternative in Most cancers Remedy.” Extra like dedicated to the liberty of pocketing thousands and thousands a yr in laetrile gross sales.

“Laetrile’s proponents consider it to be a ‘pure most cancers remedy’; whereas opponents contemplate it ‘the slickest, most subtle, and positively probably the most remunerative [lucrative and profitable] most cancers quack promotion in medical historical past.’” Which is it? You don’t know till you place it to the check.

“The Nationwide Most cancers Institute, in response to widespread public curiosity, undertook a retrospective evaluation of Laetrile therapy.” In different phrases, it despatched out a letter to each doctor within the nation and tens of 1000’s of different well being professionals, and contacted the entire pro-laetrile teams, mainly saying, ship us the most effective you bought. Though at the very least 70,000 People are estimated to have used laetrile, solely 93 instances have been submitted for analysis, and, of these, solely six seemed to be reliable, the place taking laetrile was related to at the very least some partial enchancment.

Now, after all, the folks sending in these experiences might have gotten issues fallacious or falsified information, however, possibly these six truly did reply to the therapy. If that’s out of 70,000 handled, although, you’d assume possibly that’d simply be by likelihood. Regardless, the truth that so many individuals tried it ought to rely for one thing. They could have all simply been boondoggled, however possibly there’s one thing to it. Definitely, the truth that it didn’t appear to assist with any of the laboratory animal cancers doesn’t imply it couldn’t work in folks. The one solution to know for certain is to place it to the check: “a tightly managed scientific trial carried out in competent and skilled palms.” The Mayo Clinic accepted the problem.

100 seventy-eight most cancers sufferers have been handled with it and the entire sufferers died quickly. “No substantive profit was noticed when it comes to remedy, enchancment, or stabilization of most cancers, enchancment of signs associated to most cancers, or extension of life span.” There have been solely opposed results of cyanide toxicity.

The conclusion? “Amygdalin (Laetrile) is a poisonous drug that’s not efficient as a most cancers therapy.”

The books have been closed on this for greater than 30 years. “Laetrile doesn’t work.” It’s unsafe and ineffective. Researchers “found no sound proof that laetrile is efficient as an anticancer agent.” So, the label “unproven” most cancers treatment could also be too beneficiant at this level; “it’s time to vehemently assert that laetrile most cancers remedy has been ‘disproven.’”

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