Joe Mackey Crushes a 449-Kilogram (990-Pound) Hack Squat For five Reps


Mackey made this considerably unconventional elevate look simple.

When Joe Mackey makes news, it’s often as a result of the simultaneous powerlifter and bodybuilder capped off some type of unbelievable feat of strength. His most up-to-date show of energy was a becoming motive to make some headlines.

On Mar. 27, 2023, Mackey shared an Instagram video of himself finishing a monstrous 449-kilogram (990-pound) hack squat for 5 reps. The athlete solely used a lifting belt and a few knee sleeves for help and assist through the elevate. He made certain to state that he utilized no resistance bands, which some bodybuilders use to help the decrease portion of the elevate. It’s undoubtedly a becoming power show for somebody accustomed to creating jaws drop.

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Due to the positioning of the hack squat machine, athletes who carry out reps may discover it tougher if their quad strength isn’t as much as par. The hack squat limits how a lifter can recruit their glutes, hamstrings, and higher physique to finish a repetition. Mackey, in flip, performing 5 reps with virtually 1,000 kilos is an incredible instance of his distinctive quad presents.

In his Instagram submit, Mackey writes that he’s the strongest Worldwide Federation of Bodybuilding and Health (IFBB) Professional League deadlifter on the earth. It’s unclear if this moniker is correct as a result of bodybuilders don’t showcase their pulling efficiency in any official or verifiable capability. That stated, with a 412.8-kilogram (910-pound) deadlift private uncooked competitors greatest at the Iron Wars VII, Mackey certainly may maintain the highest spot.

The one different bodybuilding competitor who may examine to Mackey’s deadlift prowess is the legendary Ronnie Coleman. The icon pulled 362.8 kilograms (800 kilos) through the 12 months 2000. Nonetheless, that additionally occurred whereas coaching for a Mr. Olympia title protection.

In 2022, Mackey completed in fourth place on the Tampa Pro and ninth place on the Texas Pro. In a quest to bid for his first-ever Mr. Olympia, Mackey fell simply in need of a berth.

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It’s unclear what Mackey’s upcoming aggressive plans are. The athlete hasn’t alluded to any upcoming powerlifting competitions, as he primarily shares updates on his training progress. Presumably, Mackey will probably be exhausting at work this spring and summer time to vie for an additional Mr. Olympia bid.

At this price, one of many world’s strongest bodybuilders may succeed on this formidable endeavor on one other go-around.

Featured picture: @jmackey33_ifbbpro on Instagram

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