Ep. #1046: The Better of Muscle For Life: Science of Self-Management, Consuming Lower than 1,200 Energy, & Energy of Behavior


Good day, and welcome to the newest and best episode of Muscle for Life. I’m Mike Matthews and thanks for becoming a member of me as we speak. Now I’ve recorded lots of of episodes of Muscle for Life, and I’ve talked about an enormous number of issues associated to well being, health, way of life mindsets, starting from the fundamentals of weight loss program and train, like power and macronutrient, stability and progressive overload, and coaching frequency and quantity to fads just like the ketogenic and carnivore weight loss program.

Collagen protein to extra unfamiliar territories like physique weight, set level, and fasted cardio, and a few episodes resonate with my crowd greater than others, however all of them comprise not less than a couple of key s that virtually anybody can profit. Elise, that’s what I inform myself. That’s what helps me sit down within the chair daily and do that.

And as cool as that’s, it poses an issue for you, my pricey listener, particularly in case you are new right here, and that’s, ain’t no person obtained time for that. We’re speaking about in all probability a thousand plus hours of content material at this level. And whereas some individuals truly do make the time to take heed to most, and even all of my podcasts, My Whizbang Analytics inform me that whereas many listeners tune in regularly, they don’t catch each installment of Muscle for Life.

Thus, they miss out on insights that would assist them get even just a bit bit higher inside and out of doors the health club. As a result of for those who simply get a little bit bit higher, persistently sufficient, that may add as much as huge leads to the lengthy. And other people have additionally been telling me that they want me to do extra shorter multi subject episodes like my q and Ass and says You episodes.

And so I obtained an concept. How about. A better of collection of podcasts that incorporates a couple of of essentially the most sensible and compelling concepts, suggestions, and moments from my hottest episodes. Going all the best way again to starting this manner, people who find themselves new specifically can rapidly decide if that is the droid they’re in search of, if this podcast is for them or not.

After which those that are regulars and luxuriate in what I’m doing, however simply don’t have the time or inclination to take heed to all of my stuff. And I do perceive that I don’t take it personally. , you can too then profit from the discussions and the episodes that you’re not listening to in full. And you can too discover new episodes to take heed to with out having to present an hour of your time to find out whether or not it was value it or not.

So right here we’re with the very best of Muscle for Life, and on this episode you’ll be listening to handpicked morsels from three episodes. One is an interview I did with Meno Hanselman’s on the Science of Self-Management, and the following one is a monologue from my Saysyou collection of episodes the place I deal with issues that individuals disagree with me on.

And this one known as Consuming Lower than 1,200 Energy Per Day. So any person challenged me on this that no person, regardless. Their physique dimension, physique composition, exercise degree and so forth ought to eat lower than 1200 energy per day. And that quantity adjustments. Some individuals say it ought to by no means be lower than a thousand energy per day, 1500 energy per day, and that episode addresses actually all of these claims, though the particular quantity on this case is 1200.

After which the ultimate episode featured on this episode is a motivational monologue known as The Energy of Behavior. And let’s begin out with primary, Menno Huntsman’s on the science of self-Management two. System idea is an idea that has gained lots of reputation in psychology within the final years. I feel Daniel Kahneman will be attributed rightly because the, uh, the supply for many of this popularization.

And Jonathan hate. I I discussed each within the ebook. Daniel Kahneman says System one, system two, which can also be the parlance that’s utilized in lots of psychology fields. Jonathan Ha makes use of the metaphor of system one being type of an elephant, and system two being the author. And I type of mix these. Programs, and I discuss concerning the emotional elephant and the rational rider, and it’s, it sounds a little bit bit, uh, ch infantile nearly, I feel, nevertheless it truly makes lots of sense.

Should you take a look at how the mind is structured and function. Precisely. You possibly can actually see within the mind that you’ve got type of the, what’s known as the reptile mind, which is the mind stem within the extra primitive components, after which on prime of that it’s a must to paleo, mammalian, uh, And that’s mainly system one. It’s the place emotional processing takes place and intuitive reasoning.

It’s quick, it’s very environment friendly, nevertheless it doesn’t perceive long-term penalties, funding methods, logic, math. It’s gonna do these issues. After which on prime of that, it’s a must to prefrontal cortex, which is system two, the rational half, it’s the rational rider, and it’s actually like a rational rider shitting on prime of those emotional elephants.

That is the a part of our mind that has developed just about. Counterbalance the failings within the extra intuitive system and it’s, it has serial processing, it’s sluggish, it’s effortful. That is the a part of our mind that we affiliate with our consciousness with you. Should you consider how you might be, then you definately’re speaking about this a part of your mind.

Massive central components of understanding self-control is, for one, the tenant that people are basically effort a. Mainly, yeah, we’re inherently lazy and evolutionarily talking. That is sensible. Like why would we ever make investments effort in one thing that we are able to do extra simply or do one thing that we don’t strictly have to do?

Like evolutionarily talking, we didn’t evolve to go to the health club. We have been simply lively as a result of we would have liked meals to outlive. So the, we’ve these, these drives to do issues, however they have been principally out of necessity, and that makes issues quite a bit simpler. And lately we reside in a society the place meals is provided to us in abundance with far larger power densities than earlier.

And we’re locked up in cubicles making an attempt to be productive for eight hours a day. And we’ve to power ourselves to go to the health club moderately than be pressured to hunt, to remain bodily lively. So, Self-control is rather more essential lately than it was, and also you truly see that individuals which have higher self-control, they persistently, they do higher at school, they get higher careers, they do higher on mainly something.

They’re happier if, when two issues within the mind should not completely aligned with one another. Usually, this creates a sensation of unpleasantness. So we additionally see that self-control failure is extra seemingly once we do troublesome duties as in comparison with easy duties as a result of the, the cognitive battle in our mind is larger once we attempt one thing to course of one thing that’s troublesome.

That’s in actual fact the essence of one thing being troublesome inflicting cognitive battle. And that’s additionally why we, we snort at a joke and we expertise a sensation of enjoyment once we get the joke as a result of we, a joke normally creates this cognitive battle. After which once we type of get it, this triggers a second of aid.

And that’s, it’s a part of the explanation truly we’ve humor. Self-control failure is a shift in intentional sources. I feel that’s actually good to, to know lots of people, it’s nearly like bored. It’s a shift in attentional useful resource. When the mind is what you’re presently doing, you’re presently doing a little half two exercise.

Cuz for those who’re doing an extended two exercise, you nearly by no means expertise self-control failure and your mind shifts the eye from the half two exercise. It’s looking for as soon as two actions which end in larger rapid ratification. That’s what occurs and that’s additionally what you at all times see that you simply’re doing one thing that’s.

It’s extra an funding exercise. It’s one thing it’s a must to do or one thing that you simply assume is sweet for you sooner or later, after which what your mind finally ends up doing, what you find yourself procrastinating on is issues that give extra rapid aid, like meals or, uh, intercourse and analysis additionally finds {that a} greenback signal.

Uh, Fb popups, these issues change into very salient as a result of they mainly consequence on this, this instantaneous excessive stimulation versus, you understand, doing all of your taxes or resisting starvation. Actually one among, I feel, the best methods by way of organizing your day, and that’s to take extra breaks. That is very counterintuitive, however I feel.

A giant a part of the ebook is the central theme that individuals have this disciplinary method, such as you don’t sleep, which I feel is, is essentially the most silly recommendation ever for productiveness. You simply work for like eight plus hours a day. You understand, the, the best individuals on the planet are the folks that work.

I, I don’t work 40 hours, I wanna work 60 hours. I work 80 hours. And really, there’s been good analysis on this, particularly in England and, uh, on, on Fort Motor Firm in the course of the, uh, the economic Revolution the place that they had a hour work. And so they discover persistently that for those who go from 80 to 60 hours and from 60 to 40, there is a rise in productiveness.

It’s not even the identical. There may be truly a rise in productiveness after they work half the hours. You individuals have to work a bit extra intentionally, however they should take way more breaks to keep away from this state of. Ego depletion that you simply’re actually sapped and also you’re pressured to take a really lengthy break. Should you don’t get out of that, your productiveness degree simply sinks to nearly nothing.

Like nearly everybody can can attest to this, that in some unspecified time in the future, you understand, for those who’re within the workplace or making an attempt to write down, when you’ve got author’s block and also you’re simply pressured your self to take a seat and preserve writing, you’ll be able to spend the remainder of the day writing one web page. What you can do as a substitute is take a break, go see a film, or watch an episode of your, your favourite collection or one thing.

Then get again, possibly do a exercise in between. There are many, within the ebook I talk about a listing of efficient break choices with train scoring rather well, just about each criterion. And then you definately come again and you’ve got one other productive stability. And for those who do this, say, 4 instances a day, then you’re a actually, actually productive particular person.

How do you prefer to construction your day? The, the final template I outlined within the ebook, particularly primarily based on Ericsson’s analysis, doing all of your most artistic and most intellectually demanding work within the mornings, you see that in nearly all profitable writers and professors, and that’s additionally in step with. The BioRim of cognitive functioning, which mainly sees that, properly, possibly there could some boot up time within the morning, nevertheless it reaches a peak fairly quick within the day.

And after that it’s just about simply downhill except you’re doing energy napping or one thing. And another issues I touched on within the ebook is that auditory presentation stimuli, the ensuing decrease activity fatigue. So it’s good to have your interviews and your podcasts, particularly group conferences, which have a social parts as a result of that’s inherently stimulating for people.

Try this later within the day. I can, I can actually see, not less than for myself and primarily based on analysis, which you could not less than preserve productiveness the identical and infrequently enhance it while you come from loopy hours. Now, I might say that we in all probability have larger numbers of hours cuz we’re actually passionate at what we do.

You understand, we’ve this inside drive and that, on the one hand is a curses within the sense that we’re not naturally inclined to take breaks. However lots of people could also be too inclined to take breaks, however they don’t do it Strateg. And that’s the issue. Like they’re not environment friendly about it. They take their breaks too late they usually’re not taking sufficiently rewarding breaks as a result of going to the espresso machine, having a boring dialog along with your coworker, Hey, how are you Goose, how are you, you understand, oh high-quality climate as we speak, proper?

That’s not, you understand, create creativity enhancing that doesn’t replenish your willpower. It’s worthwhile to do one thing immersive, one thing enjoyable like a chilly bathe train. Um, video video games are literally actually good at this if they’re time restricted as a result of they’re so immers. Watching an episode of your favourite collection and analysis finds that it really works a lot better for those who’re watching an entertaining collection, after all, than for those who’re watching horror or one thing, since you don’t precisely really feel good after that

So it, it’s actually about being strategic, taking the correct of breaks and simply doing conscious work. Yeah, for those who can take naps, that’s nice. Um, I might say although that if you end up actually desirous to take lots of naps, you must take into account for those who’re not merely sleep disadvantaged, as a result of the sleep is a kind of issues that there’s simply tons of analysis that.

Far past the purpose the place you assume it impairs productiveness and wellbeing. Sleep deprivation hurts, all the pieces like actually, actually badly. One examine that got here out comparatively just lately, properly, about I feel two years in the past now, confirmed that the sleep depth is linearly cumulative, which signifies that, and that that is precisely what they studied.

If you’re sleeping one hour much less per day for eight days, the cognitive results are the identical as lacking a complete evening of. So, yeah, I’d say naps are nice. Naps are an incredible, like a 20 to 30 minute nap. That’s, that’s additionally essential by the best way, you might want to take, take an influence nap. Trigger for those who enter deep sleep phases, then you definately get up, you understand, feeling such as you’re, you get up in a overseas physique on a overseas planet.

You don’t know who, who you might be, the place you might be, . However for those who take this type of energy nap and a latest examine, additionally discover, by the best way, that’s for those who rapidly go to sleep, you’ll be able to even take caffeine earlier than the nap, go to sleep, after which the caffeine type of wakes you. after which your additional, additional, additional productive afterwards.

The humorous factor, analysis truly finds that taking an imaginary break can also be actually efficient. How does that work? Yeah. It’s mainly, it’s like meditation, so an imaginary break. You need to visualize your self or one thing, somebody you actually empathize with. I’d say simply at all times concentrate on your self doing one thing, actually calm down.

After which it’s nearly like meditation within the impact that it mainly clears your psychological money in. To make use of a pc analogy, it’s for those who’re actually targeted on one thing that in itself doesn’t evoke a lot emotion and doesn’t take a lot cognitive processing energy, then simply focusing rather well on that mainly clears out working reminiscence.

and all the opposite belongings you used to consider and type of resets your psychological state, like clearing a pc’s cache. So that’s very same mechanism of meditation. So in that sense it, it sort of is sensible, nevertheless it’s humorous that. , it really works that manner cuz you, you intuitively wouldn’t say, you understand, just like the, the aim of a break is to truly take a break, however simply imagining a break will be equally efficient as a result of it has the identical psychological results.

Most analysis on meditation, like, and mindfulness like practices finds that the precise methodology isn’t so essential. Uh, simply the, the truth that. You’re going by way of the identical cognitive processes like meditation and imaginary break, physique scan strategies, listening to essentially stress-free music or going by way of recollections like physique scan methodology is like simply focusing intensely on all of your physique components.

I’m simply type of transferring them one after the other gently or simply actually specializing in them. Uh, counting sheep is sort of a extra folks folksy sort of conventional methodology, which, which truly is actually meditation. Yep. All of them could have an analogous impact. What number of energy must you eat to achieve your health targets quicker?

What about your macros? What forms of meals must you eat, and what number of meals must you eat daily? Effectively, I created a free 62nd weight loss program quiz that’ll reply these questions for you and others, together with how a lot alcohol you must drink, whether or not you must eat extra fatty fish to get sufficient omega-3 fatty acids.

What dietary supplements are value taking and why and extra. To take the quiz and get your free customized weight loss program plan, go to Muscle For all times.present/weight loss program. Quiz muscle f o r. Dot present slash weight loss program quiz now reply the questions and be taught what you might want to do within the kitchen to lose fats, construct muscle, and get wholesome. Effectively, that’s it for my featured snippets from my interview that I did with Meno on the Science of Self-Management.

And if you wish to take heed to that entire episode, it was printed in October of 2021, so you’ll be able to return and discover it. And now let’s transfer on to the Saysyou episode. Consuming lower than 1200 energy per. And so on this episode, I’m going to be speaking about one thing that I’ve heard many instances through the years, however I noticed I’ve not publicly and particularly addressed, and that’s the declare that you shouldn’t.

Ever eat fewer than a sure variety of energy daily. 1200 is a quantity that has been thrown round quite a bit. Particularly for girls, typically it’s 1500 for girls and for males, typically it’s a little bit bit larger, 1600, 1800, and even 2000 energy per day. Now, for those who do eat lower than regardless of the quantity.

The legend goes, many misfortunes can befall you, together with metabolic injury, excessive starvation, malnutrition, hormonal disruptions, muscle loss, temper disturbances, menstrual irregularities, the checklist jabbers, on and on. And I usually hear from people who find themselves involved by this idea as a result of some evidence-based system or calculator, normally one among my very own is telling them.

Eat what they imagine is a dangerously low variety of energy daily. Now, thankfully, a real common caloric minimal could be a lot decrease than any of these numbers that I gave you as a result of many individuals simply don’t burn as many energy as they assume they do. And even when energy are inappropriately low, the purported penalties are sometimes over.

For instance, a 5 foot 5, 130 pound lady who workouts one to 3 hours per week burns about 1700 energy per day. And if she needed to lose about one pound of fats per week, and that may be average, affordable weight reduction, she would want to eat about. 1200 energy per day. Now if we make her 5, 10, and 160 kilos, her whole day by day power expenditure rises to just about 2000 energy per day.

After which if we enhance her train to 4 to 6 hours per week, it reaches 2,300 energy per. And eventually, if we now calculate her new caloric goal at 5 10, 1 64 to 6 hours of train per week, and we calculate for one pound of fats loss per week, we get 1800 energy just about. Lean gaining for her smaller and extra sedentary self.

So saying that no person ought to ever eat lower than some arbitrary quantity of energy daily is like saying that they need to by no means drive slower than 55 miles per hour on the freeway. Effectively, what if they’ve engine hassle? What if there’s visitors? What whether it is raining pitchforks outdoors? How low must you go while you’re slicing as a result of there’s a caloric threshold that you simply shouldn’t cross, proper?

Effectively, sure there’s as a result of for those who limit your energy too closely, you gained’t injury your metabolism. You gained’t. Detonate your hormones. You gained’t disintegrate your muscle. You gained’t in any other case derge your physiology, however you’re not gonna have time. Destructive unwanted side effects, usually related to semi hunger.

Weight-reduction plan, very low calorie weight-reduction plan. Can and infrequently do change into extra pronounced if energy are too low. So primarily based on the findings of analysis, on the results of power availability on athletic women and men, while you’re slicing, I like to recommend a cutoff of eight to 10 energy per pound of physique weight per day for each males and.

No matter exercise degree, that means don’t eat lower than eight energy per pound of physique weight per day, and that’s in all probability most relevant to males in ladies. I might say the cutoff is gonna be a little bit bit larger, round 10. Now, one different matter I wish to rapidly touch upon is the dietary part of weight-reduction plan, as a result of some individuals say that by consuming.

Considerably much less meals than typical. By consuming 1200 energy per day, or 14 or 1800 per day, you’ll be able to develop irritating insufficiencies and even debilitating deficiencies, and that’s simply not true. Not for those who get many of the energy that you’re consuming. From comparatively unprocessed and healthful meals like lean protein, fruits, greens, legumes, entire grains, seeds, and the like.

And for those who actually wish to be sure that your physique is sufficiently nourished if you end up slicing, simply embody a top quality multivitamin like legion’s, triumph in your routine. And that’s the spotlight reel from consuming lower than 1200 energy per day. And if you wish to take heed to that episode, all the factor, you’ll find it additionally October, 2021.

And now we’ve a motivational episode, or not less than I hope it’s motivational, the ability of behavior. So I need you to consider yesterday while you wakened, what did you do first and in what order? Did you go straight into the bathe? Did you test your electronic mail first? Or possibly Fb, after which your electronic mail.

What about brushing your enamel? The place does that match into your routine? What about tying your footwear? Which shoe did you tie first? Did you tie your proper shoe first? Your left shoe first? What did you say to your loved ones or your boyfriend or girlfriend or roommate earlier than leaving in your option to work? Which route did you are taking?

After which when you started working, what did you do when you sat down at your desk? Did you go straight to your electronic mail or possibly did you chat to a colleague first? After which what about lunchtime? Did you might have leftovers or a salad or one thing else? Possibly a Hamburg. After which take into consideration while you obtained dwelling, what did you do while you obtained dwelling?

Did you go for a motorbike trip or a stroll? Did you pour a drink? Have some dinner. Now, I may go on and on with these questions, however I’ll cease right here and get to the purpose. My level is that we actually are creatures of behavior and all of us have deeply ingrained. Day by day patterns of habits. In actual fact, in keeping with a 2006 examine performed by scientists at Duke College, over 40% of the day by day actions that individuals carry out aren’t actually selections.

However are simply, habits are issues they do on automated, and in lots of circumstances these habits are helpful. They save us psychological power. We don’t have to determine newly each day how one can put toothpaste on our toothbrush or how one can go about washing our our bodies. However there are different habits which might be rather more complicated and that may emerge with out our permission, so to talk.

And that may be fairly hassle. For instance, research have proven that households that eat quick meals frequently didn’t initially intend to eat as a lot quick meals as they do. It began as a month-to-month behavior, after which it grew to become one thing that they did each different week, after which it grew to become a weekly behavior. After which it grew to become one thing they do a pair instances every week till lastly they’re simply consuming junk meals daily.

And any of us can fall into this entice in any space of our lives. half-hour of TV per day can change into 60 minutes after which 100 minutes and so forth. Skipping a exercise as soon as per week can result in skipping twice per week, which might lead ultimately to only quitting altogether. One drink per week can, for some individuals, simply multiply.

In each dimension or frequency or each, and also you see this behavior creep, so to talk, it may be very insidious. The ramifications of those adverse habits will be deceiving. There are the rapid and apparent issues such as you fall behind your friends and your work and also you get handed up on the promotion. You acquire weight and really feel torpid.

Your well being deteriorates and so forth. However then there’s. Not so apparent. You begin to lose religion in your skill to place your thoughts to one thing and see it by way of. You begin to keep away from challenges and alternatives for fearer of failure. You begin to criticize your self. You begin to erode your vanity.

You possibly even begin to change into depressed and so forth. Now, after all, there’s a optimistic facet to this as a result of habits can minimize each methods. Simply 45 minutes of train a couple of days per week if executed for lengthy sufficient, can completely rework your physique. half-hour of studying per day over time can flip you into an knowledgeable in absolutely anything.

You would possibly wanna be taught an hour or two of extra work per day. Then your friends can assist you outproduce them by a moderately giant order of magnitude. The truth is pondering dim ideas simply doesn’t make issues occur. Our goals could affect what we’re able to, nevertheless it’s our habits that may in the end decide what sort of lives we reside.

Anybody can get energized by tantalizing visions. However only a few individuals can keep on with the day by day grind lengthy sufficient to truly get there. Now, for those who present me an important achiever in any subject or exercise, I’ll present you a grasp of behavior. Somebody that has mechanically repeated the identical optimistic actions numerous 1000’s of instances till lastly that they had produced one thing extraordinary, whether or not a talent, fortune, invention, or perhaps a chic relationship with one other particular person.

Controlling our habits will be exhausting although as a result of some routines and actions are so ingrained that we discover ourselves nearly slaves to them unable to do something however mindlessly comply. And that leads me to one of many nice unsung advantages of utilizing weight loss program and train to remain match. You see, it improves your behavior Mastery staying match teaches us behavior mastery.

In different phrases, it teaches us how one can management our habits, how one can break the unhealthy ones and instill and defend the nice ones as a result of you’ll be able to’t overcome unhealthy habits with voodoo rituals or exorcisms or self mort. You beat unhealthy habits just by creating new habits patterns that overpower and override them.

Issues which might be extra compelling to you than the unhealthy issues. So as a substitute of watching that hour of TV each evening unwind, you let off steam with an hour of weightlifting as a substitute. The enjoyment that’s usually offered by that 3:00 PM cookie snack will be changed by an equally fulfilling apple with peanut butter.

And apparently sufficient, as soon as you identify a brand new sample of habits, it rapidly begins to really feel simply as automated because the outdated one, regardless of how completely different it’s. And that is simply a kind of. Psychological quirks, no matter we repeatedly do is what we wish to proceed doing. Whether or not it’s consuming ice cream in entrance of the TV or hitting the treadmill for some late evening cardio, and on this manner, attaining health targets is definitely pretty simple.

It’s undoubtedly easy. You simply preserve doing the issues that begin to really feel increasingly, proper? And then you definately make sluggish and regular progress, and over time these small enhancements add as much as one thing extraordinary, even when the entire course of felt unusual and possibly even mundane. Once you do that although, you not solely present your self which you could change your habits patterns that you’re in management, however you additionally come to understand how highly effective your day by day routine actually is, and this then begins to mould different areas of your life.

You change into completely different than different individuals. Should you can construct your behavior mastery, and once more, train and weight loss program is a good way to strengthen that muscle, so to talk. You begin to take a look at all targets that you’ve got a little bit bit in a different way. You begin to understand that new undertakings require new habits and infrequently outdated habits are gonna should go.

To make room, and also you additionally come to understand that the primary month or two of a brand new behavior is at all times the hardest. But when you may get over that preliminary hump, for those who can clear that preliminary hurdle, it turns into a lot simpler as time goes on, as a result of it simply turns into increasingly automated and acquainted and also you change into drawn.

To it naturally increasingly. So if I’ve impressed you to get extra occupied with harnessing the ability of behavior in your life, I like to recommend you try Charles duh Higg’s ebook, energy of Behavior, as a result of it is without doubt one of the higher ones that I’ve learn on the topic, and it gives you an in-depth understanding of how habits work and how one can get actually good at creating and sticking to good habits, and avoiding and breaking unhealthy ones.

Alrighty. I hope you appreciated what I selected for you from the ability of behavior, and for those who did and also you wanna take heed to the entire thing, it was printed in Might of 2018, so you’ll be able to go all the best way again and discover that and test it out. Effectively, I hope you appreciated this episode. I hope you discovered it useful, and for those who did subscribe to the present as a result of it makes certain that you simply don’t miss new episodes.

And it additionally helps me as a result of it will increase the rankings of the present a little bit bit, which after all then makes it a little bit bit extra simply discovered by different individuals who could prefer it simply as a lot as you. And for those who didn’t like one thing about this episode or concerning the present generally, or for those who. Uh, concepts or ideas or simply suggestions to share.

Shoot me an electronic mail, mike muscle for all times.com, muscle f r life.com and let me know what I may do higher or simply, uh, what your ideas are about possibly what you’d prefer to see me do sooner or later. I learn all the pieces myself. I’m at all times in search of new concepts and constructive suggestions. So thanks once more for listening to this episode, and I hope to listen to from you quickly.

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